What does a facilitator do?

1) The first step is to decide on a topic. What is it that you’d love to be discussing with a group of colleagues? Let’s say you’re an ELA teacher. Perhaps it’s related to the age group you teach (ex. 6th Grade ELA) or perhaps it’s a pedagogic area (ex. performance-based assessment) or perhaps it’s focused on an equity issue (ex. building a more inclusive ELA curriculum) or perhaps it’s an affinity group space (Teachers of Color in predominantly white schools) . If there’s an area of your teaching practice you’re working on, or would like to be working on, we guarantee there are other teachers interested in that topic, too.
2) The next step is to propose a topic. Once that’s accepted, you’ll need to participate in a required one-hour virtual training session on facilitation plus a training session on how to use Zoom conference technology (if you need).
3) The last step is the actual facilitation. You’ll guide five monthly hour-long discussions over the course of a semester via Zoom Conference with a group of colleagues interested in discussing the same topic as you.

Do facilitators get paid?

Yes! Teachers shouldn’t be expected to take on extra work without compensation. Since this is a new business and there’s not yet a steady revenue stream, there’s a not a set amount of compensation. We’ll set aside a percentage of all the membership fees that come in, and distribute them equally to all the facilitators. You can opt to take it as cash, as a credit towards a Premium PLC, or as a gift card.

Can I facilitate a PLC if my school isn’t a member?

Yes! Our goal is to get as many teachers participating as possible. You will still receive your distribution of fees for compensation, whether or not your school is participating. However, we hope you will encourage your school to participate if you feel it’s a worthwhile PD program. You can submit a proposal or nominate a teacher (or both!)

How Does it Actually Work?

Once your proposal is accepted, we’ll work with you to select five dates for the PLC. We aim for a static date/time each month (i.e. the first Sunday of every month at 4 pm PST). Once registration is completed, we’ll send you the names and schools of all the registrants. Each month, you and they will receive a schedule reminder with a zoom link. At the appointed time, you’ll click the link and guide the conversation per the training you receive. It will be up to the group to decide if you want to share contact info and be in touch in between sessions (we recommend WhatsApp groups as an effective means of staying in touch). At the end of each semester, participants will complete a survey and we will share the data with you.

More Questions?

contact us @ kara@schoolhive.org