Virtual PLCs. Join one. Lead One.

SchoolHive provides a platform for teachers to connect with one another via a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model. PLCs are teacher-facilitated monthly conversations that enable teachers to share best practices and struggle together over problems of practice. They might focus on a subject area (for example, MS Science) or specific course (AP Calculus) or pedagogic area (project-based learning) or an equity initiative. Teachers who facilitate have the opportunity to be involved in leading conversations about teaching & learning at a national level, and to earn extra income. PLCs meet once a month, for an hour, via video-conference. Submit a proposal or nominate a teacher to facilitate a PLC (or both!)

What topic matters to you?

Want to lead or participate in subject-area or topic-specific PLC for the 2019-2020 school year? Submit a proposal! Deepen your own understanding of teaching by leading adults, and widen your professional community. Why? When you share your expertise with colleagues, you exponentially increase the difference you’re making in students’ lives. Know a great teacher with something to share, nominate them!

Why PLCs?

Providing PD can be problematic. Even generous school PD budgets can only go so far, and rarely stretch to support each teacher’s individual needs. In many schools across the country, especially in more remote areas, teachers don’t have access to other teachers in their subject area or exposure to new ways of teaching and learning or support to take risks and push their practice.

Our solution: digitally-supported Professional Learning Communities, accessible to teachers across the country. Our membership fees are scaled to your school’s size and budget, and enable every educator in your school to participate in as many PLCs as interest them each year. We also offer Premium PLCs, to support specific needs, led by experts.

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