Our goal is participation. Purchasing an annual membership at SchoolHive enables every member of your faculty and education staff to join or lead as many PLCs as interest them over the course of the school year.

By providing your faculty with opportunities to gather with like-minded educators you’ll be reducing teacher isolation and burnout, encouraging growth and collaboration, and signaling to your faculty that you respect them as expert professionals. Our PD program doesn’t tax teachers’ time, their families, the planet, or your school’s budget. What it does do is involve your faculty in meaningful conversation about teaching and learning on an ongoing basis. Nominate one of your teachers to lead a national PLC about best practices in teaching.

Premium PLCs are led by experts in the field and come with a separate fee, reduced for schools that are also purchasing an annual membership.

Membership Fees

  • Schools with under 30 faculty members: $995 annual fee.
  • Schools with 31 – 60 faculty members: $2995 annual fee
  • Schools with more than 60 faculty members: $3995 annual fee

Premium PLCs

  • $950 per Premium PLC for schools without membership
  • $650 for the first Premium PLC, and $450 for each additional one with purchase of annual membership

What if I want to join a PLC and have no school funding?

please contact us at kara@schoolhive.org and explain your situation and PLC interests.

Where do I register?

Registration will be up and running on May 1st, along with more information about PLC topics.