Where do ideas come from?

Teachers know that students learn best in community, and design classroom experiences that enable students to work together to challenge each other’s thinking and support each other through collaboration. SchoolHive aims to do the same for teachers.

Spending time with a group of colleagues who are engaged in similar work; exchanging ideas, debating strategies, sharing projects, and solving problems of practice. This is the best PD. No experts except one another.

We offer a platform for virtual Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Facilitated by teachers, our PLCs meet monthly via video-conference for an hour, giving k-12 educators the opportunity to come together to share best practices and discuss problems of practice on a wide range of topics. Looking for support? Kinship? Inspiration? This is the place for you.

Engage in great PD that doesn’t tax your schedule, your wallet, your family, or the planet, and that centers teachers as expert practictioners.

Why SchoolHive?

Too many teachers don’t have access to ongoing professional development tailored to their subject area, and lack of support has an impact on teacher retention. Our goal is to reduce your teacher attrition by providing programming for every educator in your school. Our Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) enable teachers to connect over a subject area (MS English) or specific course (Calculus) or pedagogic area (project-based learning) or equity initiative. They have the power of choice plus the opportunity to connect in an ongoing capacity with colleagues around the country to share best practices and problems of practice. Choice, recursive practice, and centering teachers as experts are hallmarks of the most effective PD.

We also offer premium PLCs facilitated by experts in the field specifically developed to support school leaders as well as beginning teachers.

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